I don’t know if I can properly put into words how amazingly wonderful it has been working with Caren. She’s so easy to work with and available at anytime, which is fantastic for me since we live so far apart. Through ups and downs and everything in between she has been a wonderful and supportive coach.  I, being the stubborn bullheaded woman that I am tried forever to “go it alone” in the dieting world until Caren.  Now, I refuse to use that D word.  Because it’s not, it’s a lifestyle change.  Caren worked with me, pointing me in the right direction and helping me out until I finally got it right.  And now, I’m not  working on finding that perfect body as I am focusing on body image acceptance. To be able to see that even the most minor of accomplishments is really a major one in hiding. I used to be self conscious and very worried about how I look.  It depressed me literally thinking about my size.  Today, not so much.  Thanks to Caren and all the hard work she’s put in helping me out, I have come to the realization it’s not about getting to be any size.  It’s about getting your body healthy, your body image right and realizing…you do have a pretty face…and along with my pretty face and my work to get healthier, I can conquer my world and then some.  Pick up that phone or write that email. You won’t be disappointed!

– Donna, Bossier City, LA


Caren Schmidt is the most amazing lifestyle coach!  She understands me.  I can’t live with out sugar or so I thought until I met Caren.  She put me on her sugar eliminating plan and now I don’t crave sugar like I used to.  She also has helped me pick healthier options to supplement my sugar cravings.  It is so nice to have someone to talk to that has your best interest at heart.  She has done all the research and she can form a plan for you. 

One of my other favorite services is her grocery store tour.  I am single and cooking for 1 sometimes is more work than it is worth but Caren has showed me how to get in and out of the grocery store with healthy items that will last in my fridge and will benefit my overall health.  My goal is to be stronger and healthier from the inside out so I can be more productive everyday and live a long and meaningful life.

Thank you Caren!  You have changed my life!

– Christy, Phoenix, AZ


Working with Caren Schmidt genuinely contributed to positive changes in my life. Although I was working in a job I enjoyed it just wasn’t quite right. I was aware of Caren’s passion and education and decided I may need her help. After working with Caren, both in person and by telephone, we discovered through a series of questions I needed to make some changes. After several meetings, Caren created a life road map that allowed me to chart a course to a better destination. She provided me with relevant, realistic, and valuable tools that I use to this day. Through her coaching and support I was able to move forward and am happier and healthier today. I would recommend Caren Schmidt to anyone looking for a lifestyle coach.

– Jennifer S., Phoenix, AZ


Caren is an amazing lifestyle coach. She has such a warm and open way about her. Caren really allows her clients to shine and has an unwavering desire to see them succeed. Everyone she works with is treated like more than a client and she makes it her mission to guide them on the path to acceptance.

When it comes to making changes, I believe it is Caren’s own personal experience that makes her such an outstanding expert in her field.  Combining her own experience with all of her professional training makes her the ideal coach for women that want to learn how to love themselves. Her approach is one of compassion and a little bit of tough love when necessary.

I really recommend Caren if you are looking for a  lifestyle management coach. 

– Linda M., Boston, MA


Caren Schmidt is a wonderful lifestyle coach. She doesn’t just focus on one aspect of your life, but rather looks at all of the things going on.  Caren has really taught me that having my whole life in good working order makes sense, that when I take care of myself and my health I know I am living my best life. She really makes you feel like she is in your corner and you can tell she has your best interest at heart.  

Caren’s 6 month program is fantastic. So many things change over the 6 month period and she is right there by your side to help you through. She gives you clear and simple advice and makes it easy. Her handouts are terrific and are great to reference back to if you need to remember something.  I love Caren’s approach to helping people sort out their health and life situations. She does it with such compassion and no judgments.  I would highly recommend that if you need to get things back on track in your life or with your health that you call Caren. She is amazing!

– Ann K., Scottsdale, AZ