Meal Prep, disaster waiting to happen

Meal Prep Required Meal Planning

When you embark on a new lifestyle, a healthy one, meal prep and planning is the key to success. It is one of the things that will keep you on track and focused. Meal planning takes the guess work out of grocery shopping. You make a list and stick with it. It is, in my opinion, the easiest way to navigate lifestyle change. I know this from experience as a coach, as well as, personally.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Meal planning is exactly what I did. The only problem was my planning wasn’t my usual way. I like to write down what I am going to make, the page number for the recipe in the book and take it with me. Getting everything at once leave little room for multiple trips to the grocery store. I have it all written down for the week. This time I put just what I needed in my phone. Technology is great, I have decided I don’t like it for meal planning. Maybe 21 Day Sugar Detox needs a meal planning app. I might like an app that does meal prep too. Just a thought.

All That Preparedness

I headed off to the grocery store with phone in hand ready to get all the goodness I would need for the day. That goodness, as it turned out, required two different grocery stores. Strike one for the day. The good news was I was done with both grocery stores before 9 AM. It was going to be a great day after all. I had to go to a meeting at ten but after that, it was all about meal prep. I was excited, I was ready!

21 DSD

fresh cabbage and bok choy slaw from 21 DSD

The time had come to prepare all my food for the week. My roommate, or as I call her, my sister and I were going to do it together, it would cut down on the time. I got my book out, or for the next 21 days, my bible, and I proceeded to cut and chop my heart out.

Since I am just getting back to eating meat, my sister will be handling the meat portion of this event. She still wasn’t home. I cut and chopped myself into a frenzy. I actually had it almost finished when she walked in the door, only a couple things left.

Cut and Chop and Chop and Cut

I love the cool, crisp flavors of the fresh cabbage and bok choy slaw, that will be a staple. Apparently cutting and chopping isn’t going away, of course I know it isn’t. Doesn’t mean I will like it. The very reason I need to be on this program is my sore hands, ironic isn’t it? I have to suffer through to end the suffering.  Moving on to bacon and root veggie hash, this time I had to grate the carrots and parsnips. With these hands, which by the way are numb now, I pushed on. Until I couldn’t, so we have half grated/ half chopped bacon and root veggie hash.

21 DSD

bacon and root veggie hash, grated and chopped

After I finished with what I now look fondly back on as, the pain in my hands is horrible and I never want to cut another thing as long as I live, time, I was ready to move on to the next project….sauces and dressings. More chopping ensued, so much for never cutting anything else as long as I live. That is about the time disaster struck.

Read the Directions

I was going to make the homemade mayo from “the bible”, we loved it last time and it would be great to mix with tuna. I didn’t really read the instructions I just put everything in the food processor and waited for the liquid to turn into a thick, beautiful mayo. It didn’t. What is this about one egg yolk at a time? Drizzle the (expensive) macadamia nut oil in….Uh-oh. I did something very wrong. I had just made egg yolk and macadamia nut oil soup.

As it turned out, that is NOT what I made last time, I made a garlic aioli from a different cookbook. That recipe didn’t require drizzling and one at a time egg yolks. Lesson learned read directions, or make something easier. I vowed I would go to the store and get a compliant mayo and never make such an expensive mistake again.

Moving On

I decided it was time to lick my wounds and move on to sweetner-free ketchup. I loaded up the crock pot with the ingredients and set the timer for 3 hours. Then it happened, the doorbell rang and it was friends of my sister coming by to see the new house. Yes, I forgot all about what was in the crock pot. About an hour after it should have been taken out, I was deep in conversation with one of our guests, I did, however smell the ingredients, and still, I ignored it. After another 45 minutes I finally removed the mixture, slightly too thick and put it in the blender. It turned out just fine…thankfully.

That was it, meal prep for the week was finally over, well except for the turkey meatloaf I was going to attempt tomorrow. Wasn’t my roommate supposed to do the animal portion of this adventure? At this point, she is roommate again, not sister. I will have to touch raw meat. More on that tomorrow.

I am no worse for the wear after a long day of meal planning. There is a varietal of odors in the house, but we are set. No going out to eat, no wondering what we will have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have survived the day. My hands? Well, they still hurt, but I am hopeful they will get better. Of course, I am also hopeful I can make homemade mayo…..


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